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Sheep and Cows have been the dominant species’ on the planet for eons. With their superior intellect and cultural sociological ideals they have lived together peacefully for generations.

That was until the appearance of the mythical ‘hairless apes’.

Little did they know that these upright two-legged creatures seen as the next stage of evolution by the Sheep would cause division in their long allegiance with the Cows, would draw the innocent Squirrels into the conflict and ultimately lead to a battle to assert total dominance as well as a war that would last for millennia.

And a secret war that is still being fought to this day!

"Not since Animal Farm by the legendary George Orwell have I read such an entertaining and astute use of animals in literature. Martin D. Rothery has created a book that is both funny and philosophical."

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite 




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