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Fishcake Publications is an independent, UK based Publisher, and here you can find out how you can publish with us, have a look at some of our titles  as well as discover a little bit about our authors.

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Whether you've just written your first masterpiece or you've been holding onto your manuscript that's been relegated to the back of the cupboard, it is our belief at Fishcake Publications that, if you've taken the time to write it, then people should get a chance to read it. Is that not why you wrote it in the first place?

The world of the eBook has made it faster and easier to get work into the public realm, something traditional print publishers are struggling to keep up with, and we are here to help you achieve that goal. But we also know that all authors would still like to see their work in print and we can still see that dream come true.

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Out Now as an eBook and Paperback

Education! Education! Murder!


Frank Hill

Official Launch with Frank Coming Soon

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Humans Rights
Damon Rathe
ebook launched 15 April '14

"It’s not easy being a zombie.

I’d only just been turned when I suddenly had conversion targets to meet, death quotas to fill and my team leader getting on my back. This, whilst all the trying to come to terms with being shot at, losing limbs, a body that doesn't work properly anymore and my newly found addiction to lovely, squishy, juicy brains. It was just too much and my counsellor for the recently deceased hadn't been any help.

But at least it was an ordered, democratic society and I had a place in it, even if it was against my will.

That was until the bomb dropped creating the dictatorial, super mutant zombies that took over and now it’s all out war against the humans. The Supers are only interested in the complete annihilation of humankind not the human-zombie paradox.

So, why should I care? I'm a zombie right? I want the best for my race. I should hate the humans; want to destroy them as well.

However, something told me, this was wrong. For some reason, I had ethics and thoughts that just weren't in keeping with the status quo. I seemed to have evolved beyond them and I didn't know why.

I didn't want this war.

I didn't want humans to become extinct.

Surely they have rights too?

Human Rights!

But I was just one zombie in a horde of millions, what could I do…"

Recently Launched

Murgatroyd's Christmas Club by Stephen Bailey

We are looking forward to bringing you this new book by Stephen sometime in September. It will be initially launched as an ebook but the paperback will follow shortly afterwards.

This comedic tale tells the story of one inept individual, William Arkenthwaite, and his friends trying to set up a Christmas club for the mill where they work in Grolsby, Yorkshire. A simple task it may be, but not for these gentlemen, far from it. Follow their hilarious progress from start to finish as they blunder from one situation to another.

If you like Last of the Summer Wine or James Herriott, you'll love this.

Stephen is now on our authors page, click here to find out more.

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Human Rights - Now on iBooks

Available now as a Paperback

(Official Launch Date 28th June)

Sheep by Martin D Rothery

eBook availble from Amazon and Smashwords

To find out more click on this link

Available now as a Paperback

Souls of Darkness by Louise Hunt, 

Damon Rathe and Kenneth Frank

To find out more click this link